Scuba Diving

South of San Juan there is “La Paloma” only at 5 NM. Further down to the Costa Rican border you will find “El Toro” just in front of the famous national turtle reserve of “Playa La Flor”. Going north are the islands of “La Anciana”. There’s also a ship wreck; a Russian shrimp boat sitting in 52 feet of water (16 meters) at five minutes from La Paloma. The average depth we dive at is 60 feet. The bottom composition is volcanic rock and various coral formations. There is a little current more like surge and the temperature of the water is around 85°F (30°C), except for the months of December to February when it can reach 70°F (20°C).
There is a very generous sea life with all the small color fish (Barbers, Cortez Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Wounded Wrasse, Parrot fish, Trigger fish, Bermuda Chubbs, Blennies and Gobbies), lots of rays (Sand Rays, Spoted Eagle Rays, Southern Sting Rays and Sea Devil Rays), eels (Honey combs, Spotted Eels, Garden Eels and Sea Snakes) and of course big fish and other creatures (like Dolphins, Whales, Dolphin fish, Barracudas, Tarpoons, Horse Tyes Jacks, Black Tunas, Groupers, Scorpion Fish, Star Fish, Lobsters, Octopus, Turtles and all sorts of shells).

  • Diving Cruise to La Paloma:
    • 5Nm south
    • 2 Dives
    • Total time around 5 hours, Snacks, water and towels included
    • 230$ + 35$ P/P for full gear and 2 tanks
    • Non-diving pax 40$ P/P
  • Diving Cruise to El Toro:
    • 10 Nm south
    • 2 dives
    • Total time around 6 hours, Snacks, water and towels included
    • 340$ + 35$ P/P for full gear and 2 tanks
    • Non-diving pax 50$ P/P
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Bathing Suit (optional)
  • Towel, Sunscreen
  • Bottled Water
  • Camera
  • Binoculars