The Lotus Restaurant

Indulge your senses while ​dining and​ taking in breathtaking vistas and sounds perched high on a cliff overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean at The Lotus Restaurant. We feature fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients carefully crafted and artfully presented. All food is sourced locally to foster a sustainable local economy benefiting the indigenous people of Nicaragua. The flavors are inspired from decades of​ ​international​ experience of the owners. This ​Nicaraguan Fusion cuisine is sure to surprise and delight your palate. We utilize a wood-fire oven for pizzas ​and in many other food items​ to infuse authentic rustic flavors​​. Our cooks are all Nicaraguan trained by the Chef-owner in international cuisine and​ ​are already accomplished in the preparation of the traditional Nicaraguan dishes.​ ​​All of our culinary staff are certified in Food Safety & Health.​ ​This all comes together to produce a unique menu and a wonderful dining experience.